Episode 33 – The Planning Phase

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Ain’t that the truth! Today in the podcast I am breaking down the planning phase of The Process.  


We’ve gone through the two creative phases, dream and design, and now we are onto the technical portion of the process.  In my architectural process, the planning phase starts when I submit my hand drafted design the computer department. I hand over that delicate piece of trace paper over to the department that is going to turn it into a plan set.  All of my creativity goes through a literal scanner and the team gets to work on translating what I drew into priceable, buildable reality. REALITY. That’s a nice thought isn’t it? Seeing your dreams and life design drafted into a tangible plan.  One that won’t just be a delicate thought in your head or journal, but a real blueprint for your success!


Yes Mamas, the planning phase is the secret sauce.  It is the key to unlocking unstoppable results. When your goals have a plan, your life has a clear path to success.


The work my computer team does generates a plan graphic and construction legend.  The legend is a gigantic list of every single detail I need in order to price a job, and every single material a construction manager needs to build a job.  More importantly, I can’t sell a job without this part of the process. A client needs to see professional graphics, go through itemized pricing proposals and really understand my vision for their project.  The planning phase is arguably the most important phase of the process because without it, nothing in my head can ever become reality. That’s how I make money honey!


The planning phase of your goal is vitally important.  It is the phase that moves out of the “what & why” and into the “how”.  After the dream and design phases you know exactly what you want and why you want it.  Your vision for your life is clear and your reasons are strong, but you need to know HOW to get there.  You need a plan mama. Just like that construction legend, you need to know every step you need to take, every supporting element you will require to help you build the life you now see so clearly ahead and Mama, you need to know the price.  Oh yes, your goals are going to cost you dearly. When you see the plan laid before you you will have to make some choices. You will have to decide how fast you want to reach these goals. The faster you wish to go, the more your goals will cost.  But Mama, I promise, you can afford the price tag. If you have done the work in the first two phases, your heart has already designed a life that your soul is meant to achieve. Don’t be afraid of the cost.


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