Episode 26 – Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Leave it to Haley to throw niceties aside and call it like it is.  Bad things happen to all of us, it’s a fact of life.  We can’t always control what happens to us but we do have COMPLETE control over how we let ourselves feel about our circumstances.  In this episode Haley sheds light on how feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of energy, and can actually keep you down longer.  In the second half of the show Haley lists out five strategies for pulling yourself up after being down in the dumps.

Episode 17 – Workout Motivation

In this episode of The Momaholic Podcast, Haley breaks down how her previous motivation for working out was all wrong.  Listen in to hear how the gym game has completely changed after having two babies.

Episode 16 – Stop Excluding Yourself from Greatness

In this episode of The Momaholic Podcast, host Haley Tew shines light on the moms who put themselves on the sidelines and treat greatness like a spectator sport.

Episode 15 – Dr. Laura was Wrong

What happens when The Momaholic Host, Haley accidentally listens to one of Dr. Laura’s online courses…

Episode 14 – Planning for Play

This one is for the kiddos!  Listen in on how planning for play can strengthen your relationships with your little ones and help them thrive.

Episode 13 – Replace Expectations with Celebrations

Expectations are what rob of of joy and gratitude.  Listen in to The Momaholic Podcast as host Haley Tew helps you find ways to change your expectations to celebrations!


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